History of the Log Cabin

The Post office next door to Barrows Z3 Retreat was founded in 1907 and was run by the Barrows’ family during the early and mid 20th century. The County of Park County was created 1909, which includes not only Ralston and Cody but over 50% of Yellowstone National Park. As a result of such a great amount of the Park being in the County, Park County was named after Yellowstone National Park. In the early 1930’s, at the heart of the Great Depression, Park County began to attract settlers when the government of Wyoming enacted the Willwood Irrigation Project. Nearly 12,000 acres of land became available for farming. The Barrows family purchased the current grounds of the Barrows Z3 Retreat and much of the surrounding farm lands at this time. Nearly forty years later the Log Cabin arrived at the grounds in the 1970’s and was constituted from six authentic homesteader log cabins in a State-wide effort to renovate historic log cabins.

The pictures on the left are examples of Homesteader Cabins from the late-19th century of Cabins that the Log Cabin was made out of. The pictures on the right are of the Log Cabin in modern day.